From August 2017

Due Dates, Late Fees, and Company Policy

Pound Road Waterworks Invoices have a clear DUE DATE printed on them. If your payment is late, Pound Road Waterworks has a long-standing late fee policy.  Please review these policies.

  1. All payments MUST be remitted to the Pound Road Waterworks business address of PO Box 88, Wilmot, NH 03287
  2. Payments WILL NOT be accepted at the Treasurer’s residence (or any other member’s residence) and should never be placed in a residence’s roadside USPS mailbox.
  3. Payments must be received in the PO Box by the due date.  In addition to frequently throughout the month, the box is always checked at the end of business on the due date and the last day of every month to insure any payment in it on those days is posted to a customer’s account.
  4. If your payment is not in the PO Box by the end of business on the due date or the last day of any subsequent month, our accounting system will automatically assess a late fee on your account!  (If your payment is received the day after the due date, your account is late and you owe a late fee!)
  5. Accrued late fees will remain on your account until paid.
  6. The assessment of late fees is Pound Road Waterworks company policy. The Treasurer is tasked with enforcing company policy and will not waive assessed late fees (no exceptions).  Please do not ask the Treasurer to do so!

It is YOUR responsibility to mail your payment and allow sufficient time for it to reach the PO Box by the due date to avoid late fees or service interruption.

The timely payment of invoices is vital to our daily operation and cash flow requirements.  Unpaid invoices are subsidized by those who do pay. Every notice and/or attempt to collect late payments leads to expenses in supplies and postage for the company. It also leads to additional work for our volunteer Treasurer who receives no compensation for the time put into her efforts as Treasurer for the company we are all a part of.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.

Pound Road Waterworks, Inc.