Enforcement of Late Fee & Service Termination Policies

All 21 households served by the Pound Road Waterworks figure into the equation of keeping the system running smoothly. The Pound Road Waterworks incurs expenses to provide and deliver water. Delinquencies cause paying customers to bear more burden than they should; customers who pay promptly are subsidizing those who do not pay, or who always pay late. Our only source of income is the quarterly fees. Past due accounts make it difficult to pay the monthly bills (office expenses, state fees, water system operators, testing, pump house repair loan, etc.), balance the budget, and fund our reserve account.

To address the problems created by delinquent accounts, Effective October 1, 2014, Pound Road Waterworks will enforce its late fees and service termination policies for non-payment for all customers.

Late Fees:

Invoices are due and payable upon receipt and dated the 1st of the month of the quarter issued. Your payment is considered late if not received by us and posted to your account by the end of the last day of the month in which the invoice was issued and you will incur a $5.00 late fee.  Late fees will continue to accrue at the rate of an additional $5.00 every month until invoices and fees are paid in full. When sending payments in the mail, allow enough time for delivery. If your payment is not received and posted to your account before the end of the last day of the month, you WILL owe a late fee. Payments post the same day they are received.

Service Termination for Non-payment:

As per the policy of the company, any account unpaid by the end of a quarter is subject to water service termination.  Households will receive advanced written notification of intent to terminate service along with the balance due to avoid loss of water. If service is terminated, it will be restored ONLY upon payment in full of all outstanding invoices and late fees, PLUS a $100 re-connect fee PLUS actual costs to terminate/restore service, PLUS payment in full of the current quarter’s invoice. The company may also file a lien against the title of your property which can adversely affect your credit rating, terms of a mortgage, or the marketability of your property.

NOTE: Per New Hampshire Code of Administrative Rules Env-Dw 503.09, Termination of Service, Service may be terminated for other reasons, including but not limited to, failure by a customer to address a condition that could contaminate the water system,  illegal activity, property abandonment, and mis-use of water. Some of these offenses do not require advanced notice of cut-off.

Re-connect Fee:

Accounts with service terminated due to non-payment are subject to a $100 reconnect fee plus actual costs to be paid in full before service is restored (see “Service Termination” above for additional information).