Bank Charges & Remittance of Funds

Effective immediately, we will charge the check writer for any and all fees we incur from the bank for payments that are re-deposited, returned, or NSF/ISF (non-sufficient funds/in-sufficient funds). These charges will be due and payable immediately.

  • Overdraft and Returned Checks – $30.00 per item
  • Returned Deposited/Cash Items – $10.00 per item

Per requests from our bank:

  • Use only our legal name when making out a check to us: Pound Road Waterworks, Inc. (not the abbreviated “PRWW” or “Pound Road Association” – there are no accounts under those names which can affect our ability to deposit your payment. This can result in late payments to your account and result in additional fees for you.).
  • Use only blue or black ink and double check for date and signature.