Invoices for water service are issued quarterly and dated the first day of the first month of each quarter (January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, and October 1st) and will be mailed via US Mail to each household.

Invoices are due and payable by the DUE DATE clearly noted on the invoice

  1. Payment must be RECEIVED in our PO Box at PO Box 88, Wilmot, NH 03287 by the due date.  Make sure to allow sufficient time when mailing payments for transit!
  2. Invoices not received in the PO Box and paid in full by the due date will incur a $5.00 late fee for that month and each consecutive month any balance of the invoice remains unpaid.
  3. As per the company service termination for non-payment policy, any account with an unpaid balance at the end of any quarter is subject to water service termination.

You can avoid late fees and service termination by always making sure payment is received in our PO Box and paid in full by the due date!

For billing questions please phone Lori at 603-748-8091 Monday thru Friday or email

  • 1st quarter invoices are issued in the beginning of each January for 1st quarter service covering January, February and March
  • 2nd quarter invoices are issued in the beginning of each April for 2nd quarter service covering April, May, and June
  • 3rd quarter invoices are issued in the beginning of each July for 3rd quarter service covering July, August, and September
  • 4th quarter invoices are are issued in the beginning of each October for 4th quarter service covering October, November, and December

Current Rates:

$150.00 per quarter consisting of:

  • $68.00 quarterly operations charge
  • $82.00 Sinking Fund (on-going contribution to build funds for future repairs/maintenance to the water system

Late Fees:

Invoices are due and payable by the due date.  Your payment must be received in our PO Box BY THE DUE DATE to be considered paid on time. Any invoice not paid in full and received in our Po Box by the due date is considered LATE and will be assessed a $5.00 late fee which will continue to accrue at the rate of an additional $5.00 every month until invoices and fees are paid in full.

Service Termination for Non-payment:

As per the policy of the company, any account unpaid by the end of a quarter is subject to water service termination.  Households will receive advanced written notification of intent to terminate service along with the balance due to avoid loss of water. If service is terminated, it will be restored ONLY upon payment in full of all outstanding invoices and late fees, PLUS a $100 re-connect fee PLUS actual costs to terminate/restore service, PLUS payment in full of the current quarter’s invoice. The company may also file a lien against the title of your property which can adversely affect your credit rating, terms of a mortgage, or the marketability of your property.

Re-connect Fee:

Accounts with service terminated due to non-payment are subject to a $100 reconnect fee plus actual costs to be paid in full before service is restored (see “Service Termination” above for additional information).