Q. What are the current fees related to service?
A. The current fees are: (effective 4/1/2017)

$150.00 per quarter consisting of:

  • $68.00 quarterly operations charge
  • $82.00 Sinking Fund (on-going contribution to build funds for future repairs/maintenance to the water system

Q. Do I have to pay based on my water usage? What if I am not using any water because my house is unoccupied?
A. The Pound Road Waterworks is NOT a metered system, it is a set flat rate. Usage is not a factor.  Each household must pay the quarterly fees billed — no exceptions.

Q. How often are invoices issued and when are they due?
A. Invoices are issued quarterly and dated the 1st of the first month of the quarter they cover. Invoices are due by the DUE DATE noted on the invoice. Payment in full must be RECEIVED by the due date. Invoices not paid in full by the due date will incur a $5.00 late fee for each month unpaid. For more details, see “Billing Info“.

Q. What is the “Sinking Fund”?
A. The Sinking Fund exists for the use of repairs, maintenance and/or future repairs/replacement of the water system, parts and pump house.

Q. Are there late fees for unpaid invoices?
A. Yes.  Invoices overdue not paid in full and posted to your account by the DUE DATE are subject to $5 per month late fees which accrue until invoices and fees are paid in full.

Q. Can service be terminated for non-payment?
A. Yes.  Accounts not paid in full by the end of any service quarter, including any late fees incurred, are subject to service termination.  Notice will be given of intent to terminate in advance, with final notice being served via certified mail with return receipt. Final notice will state intention to terminate unless all outstanding monies, including any fees, are paid in full.  Once service is terminated, it will be restored only upon payment in full of outstanding monies, PLUS payment in full for the next quarter PLUS a $100 re-connect fee. NOTE:  Service may be, and will be, terminated at any time during the year for non-payment as per the association’s rules.  Water service through Pound Road Waterworks can be terminated in winter months.

Q. When is the annual meeting for members of the Association?
A. Annual meeting are held around May with each year’s date determined at the previous meeting. Notice is mailed directly to all member households well in advance regarding the date, time and place and is also noted on the minutes from the current year’s meeting members receive in the mail.  It will also be posted here on our website. All members are HIGHLY encouraged to attend this annual meeting.

Q. I’m selling my property and the realtor and potential buyer want to know about the water quality.  Where can I find that information?
A. Visit the CCRs page on this website for a downloadable Consumer Confidence Report (CCR). Make sure your realtor/potential buyer understand that they must pay for the service and any assessed fees for Pound Road Waterworks; it is not an “option” and should be considered an assessment which should potentially be included in escrow.

Q. I am selling my property and already paid for the current quarter; do you re-bill/pro-rate?
A. NO.  We do not re-bill or pro-rate.  Once an invoice has been paid, buyer and seller should negotiate reimbursement between those two parties on their own terms. Pound Road Waterworks will invoice the OWNER OF RECORD at the time invoices are generated. Property owners are responsible for providing a current mailing address for receipt of the invoice and will be accountable for paying the charges. Failure to pay could result in loss of water service, so please let us know your correct contact info!